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Onemind dogs seminar

V/Channie Elm Ørsted

  • Seminar i Danmark / Seminars abroad
    – Please contact me:

Agility Seminar with or without mental training
Agility seminar is carefully designed according to students’ level and also based on the dog and handlers individual needs for education.There will be max. be 10 students per. course Mental training may be part of the agility course – (read more about mental training below)

Mental Training Seminar

  • Positive / negative energy – discharge / recharge energy.

  • Thoughts before and after a competition.

  • What happens when we have trained and trained and then when we come to a  competition and it go wrong anyway.

  • From the outside factors, what can we do something about and what we can not.

  • What should we think about for a competition.

  • Where is our focus.

  • How do we train our focus?


There will be max. be 10 students per. course

The price will be individual as to be considered for the course location, whether it be agility, with or without mental workout or just mental seminar.


Please contact me:

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